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Managing the Periodontal Data

Category: Dental Charts
Duration:   06:16
ID:   F8GD
Version   D (ver. 1.5)


Prerequisites: None.

The Periodontal page in the Patient file allows the input of periodontal scores, in tandem with mobility data (Miller index) in a graphical manner. The chart aims to show the data in a way that allows the user to perceive as much as possible at a glance.

This tutorial shows how to run the periodontal wizard while probing, how to remove data points, setting the Miller index, and associating the periodontal data overall to a particular session within a given dental treatment. It also shows how to browse through sessions so that the system shows the graph over time to determine if there is progress. This video also demonstrates how to print the periodontal chart as a brushing guide for your patient in just two mouse clicks.